Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Advice to Girlfriends

Have you ever felt like you trusted your boyfriend 100% but yet there was always certain things that just made you think twice at times?  Or because he has so many female friends you feel that he will never be trustworthy since you might think he did something with most of them? Don't worry we all feel that way at times because we're GIRLS! It's a curse I tell you lol. No, but really sometimes it's hard to look away from the small things that truthfully just don't matter.  We as females tend to assume so many things about our significant other that essentially are not even true.  How do we stop doing that?  Well you can't completely get rid of those type of feelings when you are a female because its just a natural emotion we come with. 

However, there are a few things that you can do to help you not over analyze the smaller things.  The number one thing to always do is LEAVE ROOM FOR DISAPPOINTMENT.  I'm not saying that guys are meant to annoy you or mess up, but leave room for it. An example of this would be; you set up a dinner date with your significant other and then they cancel at the last minute because of work.  Of course you are going to get upset however, this is when this rule comes into effect. Be prepared for these type of set backs that way you don't stress yourself out so much.  The next thing to know is that THEY DO CARE.  Many guys do care about you but they do not show their emotions just as much as we do as females.  Don't expect so much from him and enjoy each moment. If he did not care about you, you would not be his girlfriend; don't you think? Put your trust into your significant other and don't always ask him unnecessary questions 24/7.  Men do not like to be questioned so much, it's a big turn off.  

Always mentioning other girls in a negative way is another big turn off. It shows your insecure about yourself and honestly it makes them think about other females too.  Don't put things in his mind that were never there in the first place.  It is our job as a girlfriend to do our part and make him happy, just as they too should make us happy.  Respect, communication and trust is key to a successful relationship.  Love him unconditionally, but still be an independent woman and do things for yourself.  Being in a relationship does not mean you have to forget your goals and aspirations. For personal advice please feel free to contact me. I'm All Ears =)

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