Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Day At A Time

Each day is a mystery. We wake up in the morning without knowing what to expect once we get out of bed. Realistically we can not prevent the things that occur to us throughout the day. All we can do is have a certain mindset and idea on how we would like our day to go. Being surprised with what life has in store for us is exciting and somewhat terrifying. You may have an expectation that you want to occur so badly, but it is not happening as quickly as you want it to.

Let's say, you have this big dream of becoming someone prestigious.  You give yourself until you're 28 years of age to conquer this dream. Well, now you are 29 and you have yet to fulfill this goal, but you feel as though you are becoming quit close in making it happen. Does this mean you automatically give up on yourself and forget everything? NO! If this is a dream that you have and you believe in yourself, then DO NOT give up. Yes, it has been taking longer than expected, but patience is key.

You must learn to take things day by day and appreciate what has happened in the time being. We are only human and we can be impatient. There is nothing wrong with wanting to conquer your goals quickly. Although this is true, when you do things in a rush, sometimes the results do not come out as planned. Take your time and do things at a steady pace. Have it in your mind that you will accomplish your goals and that everything will come together. If you maintain these thoughts in your head the timing will not matter. Everything will happen when you least expect it. The most unexpected of things usually have the best outcomes. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Create Your Own Opinion

       Motivational Speaker and Author Wayne Dyer said "Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances." Everyone has faced this more than once in their lives. Whether it be that we were the ones being judged, or we have judged another. Sometimes we may even judge a person merely on another's opinion on someone.

Upon my prior post on Never Judge a Book By It's Cover, this can go hand in hand. Picture this; you are in the work place with several of your co-workers and you overhear negative comments about another employee. You've never really spoken with this person, but from the comments you have heard you automatically have a bad impression of this person. You begin to dislike this person as well, without even remotely having one conversation with them. Is this wrong? Yes, it very much is. However, we are all human and this happens in several occasions.

Create your opinion and do not base them on someone else's. The reason to this is because we all have different personalities, as well as tolerance levels. What another might find completely annoying and absurd, may be perfectly acceptable to you. Become an observer and make your own judgements towards people and things. Here's what you can do; listen carefully to what other people have to say and do not give your opinion. Simply listen and observe as much as possible. Once you have done that set up a time to meet with the person. Have a conversation and get to know them a bit better. Make your own judgements and determine if you are accepting of the person or not. If you find yourself accepting of this person or even not accepting, do not put other employees that have talked so negatively of them under the bus. It is not your place to do so. When doing this you may loose other relationships with people which can then create conflict.

Be yourself and make your own judgements. You have your own mind and you have a right to your own opinion. Always remember; not everyone in this world will be accepting of you and that is fine. It is okay to think differently than everyone else. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard

"You have what it takes, and soon the right person will notice." This is a quote that I maintain in my head every single day. When it comes down to our work ethic we might at times second guess ourselves. Maybe it is because of how we feel when we are in the work place. Have you ever felt as if you are not a part of a team? Or, maybe felt as if your work was not enough? STRESS NO MORE! Throw all of those negative thoughts away and focus on your capabilities. 

E.E. Cummings once said; "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." Why waste your time being upset and negative? You have what it takes to be someone great; you just have to keep striving and work hard. You can't let things bother you because if you do so, you will not receive the outcome you are looking for.  

The most important thing to understand about yourself is that only YOU know how far you can go. People always remember those individuals that maintain a positive attitude and have a smile on their face. Be that person. Not for others, but for yourself. Continue to have that faith in yourself and you will soon prosper. Always remember, you may not be where you would like to be now, BUT eventually you will be. Work hard and aim high! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Women Can Be CEOs

When it comes to the business world there are more men than there are women. However, as the years continue to emerge we begin to see more women in the business world. Even though this may be true, business is still a male dominated world. More than likely you will see two women in a conference room, while the rest are men. At times women can be treated unfairly in the business world, especially if they are attractive. Some business men tend to think that because a woman is attractive she has no brains and does not have the full capability to become a CEO. This is completely wrong! So women how do we become respected in the business world? It's simple and I'm here to tell you how.

First off learn what you are talking about. Be able to carry a conversation with a man regarding the business you are in. Never be afraid to speak your mind on your thoughts regarding the business. Let it be known how you feel. If many people disagree with you; who cares, stick to your thoughts and give your reasoning. Don't let others bring you down. For instance, if someone tells you that you do not know anything keep your head held up high and stick to it. What others say should not mean a thing to you. Don't be afraid to be dominate in certain situations. Of course men will think you are a b*tch but it doesn't matter. If you know how things should be run then tell it how it is. Being nice in the business world all the time does not get you very far. Step up to the plate when it comes to projects. Even if you feel the job might be difficult, do it anyways and prove to yourself that you can do anything. In doing so you earn respect from many. If a man in your work place disrespects you in any form, keep it professional and let it be known you're not for it. NEVER degrade yourself as a woman by taking the easy way. You do not have to sleep with an executive to reach to the top. Respect yourself more and work hard at it! Knowledge is power and trust me it will get you to where you need to be. It may not come fast, but it will come. Continue your hard work and it will be recognized when it should be.

Many women are afraid to step up to the plate because it is so male dominated, but this should never stop you. Women can be good CEOs just like a man. It just all depends on your hard work and knowledge of the business. Keep your head up and never give up!

Actions Speak Louder

Many of us seem to think that telling people things in which may make others feel good or feel as if they trust them means everything. When in all actuality it is the actions in which are way more meaningful. You can not base your relationships with others with merely words. Words can not change certain aspects in life. Also, you should not be a person in which merely speaks of what they want to do in life but yet do nothing with it. Words can sound great and perfect, however it is how you act upon those words that make those words that much more important. Here are two examples as to what I mean.

You tell your friends and family what you wish to accomplish in your life and the plans you have for yourself in order to get to that point. You make people believe that you are a person that has true goals and aspirations for yourself. However, the years continue on and you have yet to do any of the things you have been talking about. You haven't even taken the first step into beginning this journey. Do you think people will take you seriously based off of just your words? Do you think that you as a person will feel accomplished by merely speaking of what you want to do instead of actually doing it?

You have been friends with someone for various years and the both of you have always shared a great bond. You tell each other everything and have a trusting friendship with each other. However, you are the type of friend that says you will do something and never does it. After a while your friend will no longer believe you when it comes to the point of you telling them that you are going to do something. It isn't because they don't trust you, but your actions have not been up to par. 

Both of these type of scenarios are very relative as to the message I am trying to portray. Act upon the things you say you are going to do. Do not be the person that just says things but never does anything. You are better than that and you should show people what you are really are about. Not only that but you should also show YOURSELF who you really are. The way you act can leave many people with a better knowledge as to who you are as a person. Your words do not mean a thing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Self-Confidence is having confidence in one self. If you know that you are the best, than you will be the best in other peoples eyes. Accept everything that you have to offer and believe in all of your capabilities. There will always be someone in this world that will try to tell you otherwise. They will try to break you and bring you down. They might even try to convince you that you really aren't the best at what you do as an individual. TUNE THEM OUT! People that intentionally bring you down are merely people that do not have confidence in themselves. They want to be able to be as confident as you, but can't! They don't do anything for you, so therefore do not pay them any mind. Brush yourself off and continue heading towards the road of success. "Confidence = Success. I did the math" ("Mike P" Fellow Blogger).

Having confidence in one self is the best feature a person can have. It shows that you have great character and are determined. Put it this way; would you want to associate with someone that is always down and negative OR with someone that knows what they want in life and are positive in every aspect? Be that confident person and know your worth. We all have a purpose in life and it is up to us to figure it out. By having confidence in yourself you are more than likely able to find this purpose much quicker. I say this because in having confidence you are not afraid to go out into the world and get what you want. When you know what you want you go for it. That's a good feature to have and you will be rewarded in life.

Believe and Receive

In every aspect of our lives we go through many individualistic situations. We all may face with the same type of situations, but each in a different way. However, what we all seem to forget is that if we believe a certain way than that is what will occur. Therefore, we must always try to maintain positive regardless of the situations. Here is an example:

You've been going through very hard times lately and you feel completely hopeless. Your motivation has completely went down. Instead of being positive and BELIEVING that things will work out you merely give up. In you BELIEVING that things will continue to end up in failure, most likely you will RECEIVE it in such form. 

It is a very difficult process to maintain positive through these rough times, but in all honesty it is what is best for us. Believing that you will succeed any obstacle in which comes in your way; sooner or later it will occur. Believing that things will go wrong than that is what you will receive. Stay true, keep the faith and believe in greatness. Things will pan out in due time. God bless.