Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Actions Speak Louder

Many of us seem to think that telling people things in which may make others feel good or feel as if they trust them means everything. When in all actuality it is the actions in which are way more meaningful. You can not base your relationships with others with merely words. Words can not change certain aspects in life. Also, you should not be a person in which merely speaks of what they want to do in life but yet do nothing with it. Words can sound great and perfect, however it is how you act upon those words that make those words that much more important. Here are two examples as to what I mean.

You tell your friends and family what you wish to accomplish in your life and the plans you have for yourself in order to get to that point. You make people believe that you are a person that has true goals and aspirations for yourself. However, the years continue on and you have yet to do any of the things you have been talking about. You haven't even taken the first step into beginning this journey. Do you think people will take you seriously based off of just your words? Do you think that you as a person will feel accomplished by merely speaking of what you want to do instead of actually doing it?

You have been friends with someone for various years and the both of you have always shared a great bond. You tell each other everything and have a trusting friendship with each other. However, you are the type of friend that says you will do something and never does it. After a while your friend will no longer believe you when it comes to the point of you telling them that you are going to do something. It isn't because they don't trust you, but your actions have not been up to par. 

Both of these type of scenarios are very relative as to the message I am trying to portray. Act upon the things you say you are going to do. Do not be the person that just says things but never does anything. You are better than that and you should show people what you are really are about. Not only that but you should also show YOURSELF who you really are. The way you act can leave many people with a better knowledge as to who you are as a person. Your words do not mean a thing.

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