Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Day At A Time

Each day is a mystery. We wake up in the morning without knowing what to expect once we get out of bed. Realistically we can not prevent the things that occur to us throughout the day. All we can do is have a certain mindset and idea on how we would like our day to go. Being surprised with what life has in store for us is exciting and somewhat terrifying. You may have an expectation that you want to occur so badly, but it is not happening as quickly as you want it to.

Let's say, you have this big dream of becoming someone prestigious.  You give yourself until you're 28 years of age to conquer this dream. Well, now you are 29 and you have yet to fulfill this goal, but you feel as though you are becoming quit close in making it happen. Does this mean you automatically give up on yourself and forget everything? NO! If this is a dream that you have and you believe in yourself, then DO NOT give up. Yes, it has been taking longer than expected, but patience is key.

You must learn to take things day by day and appreciate what has happened in the time being. We are only human and we can be impatient. There is nothing wrong with wanting to conquer your goals quickly. Although this is true, when you do things in a rush, sometimes the results do not come out as planned. Take your time and do things at a steady pace. Have it in your mind that you will accomplish your goals and that everything will come together. If you maintain these thoughts in your head the timing will not matter. Everything will happen when you least expect it. The most unexpected of things usually have the best outcomes. 

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