Friday, February 18, 2011

Being Accountable

Being accountable for our own actions can sometimes be difficult for us to do during certain situations.  However, it is necessary to do so.  When making decisions you have to think about them before you act upon them.  When you don't analyze your decisions carefully you might make a decision in which might not benefit you at all in the future.  Also, whenever you might find yourself having a disagreement with someone you must realize your faults.  If you have some sort of blame in a disagreement do not ignore it and make the other feel at fault.  You are accountable for your actions and must learn to face them.  I'll give you an example.

You are in a relationship and you have a disagreement with your spouse.  A disagreement that essentially is one of the dumbest disagreements you have ever had.   However, you have some partial fault as to why it began in the first place.  You began to yell at your spouse because they didn't wash the dishes.  Instead of speaking nicely and firm about it you automatically yell.  It is understandable that you have just gotten back from work and you are exhausted.  The only thing you asked from your spouse was to wash the dishes and it was not done, so you yell from the top of your lungs.  Regardless of how you may feel yelling is not resolving anything.  This causes an unnecessary argument that could have been avoided if you had just spoken to your spouse like a regular human being.  Be accountable to your actions and realize that yelling was not the right way to come about the situation. 

In any decision or situation you may be faced with do not ignore your faults put into it.  I know that at times we do not want to be the person to be wrong because we have too much pride.  However, it is okay to accept our faults it makes us stronger individuals.  From our faults we help ourselves mature into better people.  Think of it this way; when you argue with a person, you know you have a fault in it and you continuously deny it do you really think it's going to make the situation better? More than likely it won't.  It is a hard thing to do, but if you try your best to think before acting it will be greatly beneficial.

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