Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sacrifices in Relationships

When we enter into a relationship we sometimes do not know necessarily what to expect from it.  All we really know is that we care deeply for the person and we want to essentially build a better relationship with them.  Relationships are hard work and require both partners.  Once you reach a certain age your priorities in a relationship become completely different than what they were when you were a young teenager.  So what does this mean?  You realize that more sacrifices have to occur when in a relationship.  When you were a young teenager did you really have to think about whether or not you should move to another state because your spouse received a job offer somewhere else? More than likely the answer is NO. Some people do not seem to realize that once you enter into a REAL relationship there are going to be times in which you might have to make some sacrifices.  When you truly care/love someone you aren't just going to give up that easily on them because of certain situations.  Here is an example of a sacrifice some couples might face.

Imagine your spouse was offered an opportunity in California, but yet you both live in New York at the moment.  This is an opportunity that might not come again and your spouse really wants to do this.  However, you have a great career in New York and you do not want to leave it.  Especially, because you do not have anything lined up in California.  What do you do?  Most couples sacrifice the satisfaction of seeing their spouse everyday and decide that going to California would be best for their spouse.  You have to think of what would be best for the other when you are in a relationship.  It is not always about you anymore.  You would essentially stay in New York for the time being until you find something in California in a few months or maybe year.  This in itself is a BIG sacrifice. Or you might just deal with the distance and stay in New York while they are in California.

Some people might not understand that and would absolutely put their foot down.  In all honesty decisions such as these will occur during a relationship.  Especially, if it is someone who is just beginning in their journey of a successful career.  You have to ask yourself are you willing to think of what is best for your spouse. When making decisions while in a relationship you can not just focus on you anymore.  Of course you want to fulfill your dreams and aspirations, but now you have another person to include in the picture.  At times you might have to let that person go so they can fulfill their goals and get themselves situated.  If that is what has to be done then don't be afraid to do so.  It is okay to do that and focus on your goals as well as letting them focus on theirs.  Always remember if that heart was truly meant for yours then the two hearts will come back together one day.  Never loose hope and never loose touch.

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