Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inner Strength

We never know what to expect each day we wake up.  All we know is that we hope to have a good day and overcome any hardships we may face.  However, there may be a day where your inner strength is tested.  Whatever the case may be we must learn to always stand up for ourselves and be strong.  There might be moments where being strong is difficult to do, however in doing so you're helping yourself.  Being a strong person helps you overcome just about anything because you have that confidence in yourself. Here's an example.

You are at work and your boss tells you to do something that you do not feel comfortable in doing.  It is against your ethics and you feel that it wouldn't be right.  However, your boss tells you if you do not do this you will loose your job.  It is the worse thing possible that you could ever imagine doing and you just wouldn't feel right.  You don't want to loose your job because you love it and it pays the bills.

What do you do?  Some people might just do the act because they do not want to risk loosing their job.  However, when doing something you might not agree with in your job you might be asked to do something else you do not like.  Merely because you already did it the first time.  Whose to say what you did might not effect you and your job in the future?  You don't know and it is a risk that some people take.  If you believe in something and you feel that it is wrong stand up for it.  Stand up for yourself and never believe that you are wrong.  If you do not agree with something have the strength to stand up for it and never be afraid to do it.  Inner strength and inner confidence is a great quality to have.  Never stray away from it.

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