Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Life is full of various surprises and we never really know what's in store for us.  We all may know what we want and when we want to accomplish it.  However, some of us might feel that during the process of trying to accomplish a goal it may become difficult.  We might want to give up and move on to something else.  Or we might keep trying but be negative throughout the whole process.  All and all we have to learn how to become persistent with our goals.  There is always going to be a bumpy road ahead of us.  It will not always be a smooth one when trying to accomplish things.  This is something that we must understand in order to continue working hard at it.  You might have people tell you that it is impossible or that you are wasting your time.  Tune them out and focus on YOU.  They do not understand your feelings towards certain goals and aspirations you may have for yourself.  You define what you may want to occur in your future by your actions.  Never give up no matter how hard it may be.  Persistence is an important factor in reaching success.

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