Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay True to Yourself

We are all different and may not have the same views on certain topics.  However, this does not mean that you must change your point of view because someone thinks differently.  Many people may have a point in their life where they might feel that their opinion might not be accepted.  Guess what. Who cares! You believe in certain things for a reason.  You might have had a situation in your life where it changed your opinion on it.

Others might not fully understand why you may feel a certain way towards a subject.  What may be important to you may not be to another. That's life however. Maybe you went through a bad break up so now it takes you a bit longer to trust another person into your life.  It's okay to feel that way because it happens.  Stay true to yourself and your morals.  You aren't weird for thinking differently, you're just unique.  Love yourself and don't ever hold back on expressing how you feel.  If other people do not understand then oh well.  It isn't your job to explain your views on it fully.  You know why you believe that way.

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