Sunday, March 13, 2011

Advice for Boyfriends

I felt that this would be a good post for today because a variety of men in relationships at times forget how important the minor things are to us as females/girlfriends.  Not every woman is the same, therefore their likes and dislikes are much different than another woman's.  However, we all do have some similarities when it comes to relationships.

Put trust into your girlfriend because just as much as you as a boyfriend do not like to be questioned over nonsense neither does your girlfriend.If there is no reason to believe that your spouse is being unfaithful do not create things that essentially were never there.  Also, we as women love to communicate.  We express our feelings towards things more than men and that is normal.  It is understandable that during certain situations men do not always like to talk about things; they rather just relax and they will be better the next day.  However, women do not always believe this is the right approach and it can potentially stir up another disagreement.  If your girlfriend wants to talk about some things then talk and fulfill that need.  However, listen to what she has to say and speak your mind in a calm and rational way. The smaller things are very important to us as women and they mean the world to us.  Here are a few small things that can mean the world to your special girl.

Good morning texts are things that make a woman's day because it give us the feeling that you thought about us once you woke up.  Telling your girlfriend from time to time that she's beautiful is also a good thing for women to hear.  If there is a certain thing that bothers her and it can potentially effect your relationship please listen and act upon it. Try to do the best you can to fix it and do not ignore it as the time passes on.  Take some time out of your busy schedule to show your appreciation towards her; such as making her a nice dinner and watch a nice movie at home together.  Small things such as these are more meaningful than material things.

Listen more effectively and try to understand her point of view on certain things.  This may be difficult because of the fact that women and men have their own view on things, however it is a good exercise to try.  Try to communicate as much as you can with your spouse and always have respect for each other. Appreciate your girlfriend and all the things she has done for you. Ladies do the same for your boyfriend.

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