Friday, March 11, 2011


"All good things come to those who wait".  This is a phrase that many of you are already familiar with.  It is also a phrase that is very good to live by.  When trying to rush the pace of certain things in your life they might not always occur the way you expected it. All things occur in life at their own pace, it is not our job to help it move along faster. Also, we must be patient with ourselves and others.

We must be patient with others because people have their own pace of things as well. We are all individuals and we all have our own thoughts about specific things.  We have to understand that in order to be patient with others. Getting upset or aggravated with someone because they do not see things in the same pace as you is not a good approach. Try to be patient with them and if you feel as if they continuously do something that may bother you speak about it. Keeping quiet may not always be the best thing to do because the situation may not be resolved.  In order to move forward, communication must be utilized. Being patient with yourself is also a major importance.  Do things at your own pace and not at the pace others tell you to do it.  You are your own person and can comprehend how you can go about certain things better than another individual. Always remember that things will come to you, but all in good time.  Things may not go your way now, but eventually they will.  Work hard in your goals and never give up.

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