Monday, March 7, 2011


Commitment is a pledge or promise. We as individuals make commitments all the time for things that we care for most.  We even commit to things that are necessary for us in our lives.  For instance, we are committed to paying our bills in order to live comfortably and debt free.  We are committed to our jobs because it is our source of income.  We are also committed to all the relationships we may have with others.  All and all commitment is a very important factor to include in your life.  Without commitment you can not really reach that far if you think about it.  If you are not ready to be committed to something or someone in your life at the moment than why get involved with it?  This is a question that people do not take to consideration when in the process of making certain decisions.  Many people just go with the moment and see where it might take them.  This is the wrong approach for things.  If you know you can not afford paying for a credit card monthly, why would you sign up for it in the first place? If you are not going to give your all or be responsible in a job, why even bother applying for the job? If you are not ready to be faithful in a relationship, why get into one?  These are just some questions that require commitment when making the decision to be involved in them.  We all have a choice in being committed in certain things that come into our lives.  Whatever decisions you make however, can effect various things for you.  

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  1. Great post. Commitment and perseverance go hand in hand.