Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Goes On

We all go through those moments where we feel like our life will never be the same if we loose particular things in it.  However, we seem to not understand during those moments that we can in fact live without certain things.  Things in life occur for a reason and we need to comprehend that each day.  Who doesn't enjoy when we receive great news during the day?  I know I do! However, negative situations can and will occur at times and we have to be prepared for them.  We don't really know when these negative things may happen to us, however if we leave room for the unexpected we can better deal with them. Whatever situations we may go through that we do not fully agree with, we have to accept them. Life is like a roller coaster because it has its ups and downs. Of course there might be certain situations in which you can try to make better however that does not occur all the time.  In all honesty whatever occurs to us that we may not like, life will still continue to go on with or without you.  Why dwell on it? This is something that is definitely hard to do especially during those specific moments. We can not be upset over things that occur in our lives, because we do not know where that may lead us.  Maybe those negative outcomes are supposed to occur in order for something positive to happen in the future.  Always take into consideration what that negative situation can do for you. There's a reason for everything!

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