Thursday, March 31, 2011

Live Your Life

"Live today like it is your last" This is a quote that many people try to go by each day. However, they do not always go by it like they say they do. This is a quote that we should all follow because it is the honest truth. We do not know if tomorrow will be the day that we do not wake up from our sleep. For instance, do not take advantage of the people that care about you the most. Appreciate that you have them in your life and let them know it. Do not have the attitude in your mind that those people should already know how you feel about them. Although this may be true, you never know if tomorrow you will be able to express that feeling towards them. Also, try to do things you enjoy each day. Try not to waste your days away by doing nothing. Sometimes, it may be difficult to enjoy your days because there might have been something or someone that ruined it for you. However, we as individuals can not let those things effect us. We must try as best as we can to be appreciative for each day that we have. You do not necessarily need to leave your house in order to enjoy your life, but you can wash away the negatives and keep moving forward. Why let a person or situation effect your day? Still do the right things and try to maintain positive. Continue moving forward in your paths and appreciate what life has to offer. Always remember, those that care about you maintain them close. There's nothing better than having the people that care about you most around. Those are the people that can help motivate you in life.

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