Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Little Things

In our world today almost everything is about money and expensive material things. It is through this that we sometimes forget what are really the most important things in our lives. Of course we need money in order to live and support ourselves. However, we must not solely focus on money. We are sometimes blinded by money and don't seem to realize that it ISN'T everything. Take a second and think to yourself what REALLY matters in your life. We should focus on being closer to our families and understanding that those are individuals that will not let us down. Even if we may not have the best relationship with our family we must at least try. Family is so important and it is a beautiful thing to have in our life. Also, if you have a faith and believe in the Almighty Jesus Christ then seek Him. Don't be afraid to go to Him whenever you need Him most. Begin having a pure relationship with Him. All things in which occur in our lives are merely temporary. It is temporary because once we die we will no longer have what we once did. However, one person that will permanently be with you is God. Whether you are alive or not. If you do not have a faith in Him; that is perfectly fine because you have a right to believe in what you please. However, it is still important to value what is truly important in your life. Always remember to be real with yourself and to give back. Don't become a greedy/unkind person. Even if you feel as if no one has ever made you feel good about yourself, don't take it out on others whom don't deserve it. Don't let past experiences ruin your chances of being the person you are set out to be. It is honestly the little things in life that are considered important. Money comes and goes; however the way you treat others is permanent.

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  1. Very insightful and much needed in the crazy world we live in today. You only get one family, and those are the only people that really and truly have your back when the chips are down and you have nowhere else to turn. And the amazing thing is, you don't even have to be related to someone by blood to consider them family. Family is an extension of the Almighty and probably the closest thing we'll get to God on this earth. Thank you for this!