Thursday, March 24, 2011


Respect is a very powerful and meaningful word that many of us as individuals demand in our lifestyles. It is a key feature in which helps keep relationships strong. Without respect, many relationships can go sour. We all want to be valued and respected for the individuals that we truly are. However, realistically we are not respected by everyone in this world. This can occur because of the differences individuals may have with one another. In many cases we must gain an individual's respect by merely being ourselves and being honest. I say this because if an individual is a compulsive liar and is later caught in a lie, people will soon loose all respect/trust they might have had for that person. You want to treat people the way you would like to be treated. Not only do you respect others but you also have to respect yourself. Don't set yourself up for something that you know you do not agree with. You have to do what is morally correct for you. Here's an example of respect.

You are in a relationship with someone and a woman/and or man approaches you. They seem highly interested in you and would like to spend some time with you somewhere you both can be alone. They have made it clear that they are physically attracted to you. What do you do? You know that this individual's intentions is to have a romantic relationship with you, not a friendship. When being in a relationship you have to respect your spouse, so therefore going on this  outing would not be the best choice. You should have respect for your spouse and for your relationship. 

There are various other scenarios that do not deal with romantic relationships in which respect is highly important. However, the fact of the matter is to give the respect to others that you would like in return. When doing so you will have a healthier relationship with anyone.  Whether it be a friend, co-worker, family member or spouse. Respect is very important and we all should continue to follow through with it.

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