Saturday, March 26, 2011

Holding Grudges

There are days in our lives in which we may face issues with individuals in which are closest to us. We might have a disagreement with them about something that can be considered petty after the time passes.  However, it is through these ridiculous disagreements that we tend to hold grudges. We don't seem to realize that holding grudges just makes our lives much more stressful than it already may be. What is the point of holding on to a grudge for so long? There isn't! Analyze what started the disagreement in the first place and figure out what you can do to let go of it. If it is something that you truly believe will never change then let go. Maybe it involves letting go of a person that you know will never change or just letting go of the whole issue itself. You can not change how an individual thinks or acts; they have to change for themselves. Grudges are a waste of time and a waste of your happiness. Avoid holding a grudge with anyone. If you feel it is something that can be easily resolved then discuss the issue and apologize when you should. Move on from the situation and continue focusing on the more important things in life.

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