Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm sure everyone has heard of the phrase "Forgive and Forget".  However, how many of us actually do this? Especially when we felt betrayed or hurt by people we care about the most. Here is my personal opinion on forgiving those who have hurt us the most. Throughout our life we are certainly going to be faced with MANY disappointments. In order to move on from disappointments by others we must forgive them. I am not saying what they do is correct and that we should continue letting them hurt us. However, forgive them for what they have done and continue with your life. As I've spoke about before in past posts; be the bigger person. Speak your mind about how you may feel about the situation and then forgive them. Pray for those individuals so that they will no longer provide this hurt to others as they have done to you. Always remain true and do not grow a hatred towards a person because of their faults. Each person on this earth will sooner or later realize that they were wrong whenever they have hurt someone. Providing negative anger towards them because they have done wrong does not give that person a sense of thought as to why they were in fault. By forgiving them and doing what is best for you will eventually open that individual's eyes as to why they were wrong. You are not giving in when you forgive a person. You are merely showing them that you are better than that and you are indeed a good person at heart.

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