Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making A Negative To a POSITIVE

You ever felt like whatever you plan for yourself, usually backfires? It is because of this that you find yourself becoming negative towards the situation and just feel like throwing in the towel.  However, the best way to deal with these type of backfires is by focusing on the good of the outcome. Maybe it was not supposed to occur at that very moment. I say this many times because in all honesty, even though it can be the worse feeling, it is 100% true. Every negative outcome can essentially become a positive one in due time. We must open our hearts and mind in seeing the positive in things. If we continue to dwell on the negative, then moving forward becomes extremely hard. Here's a perfect example.

You've made plans in finding a job and place to live in another location in which you live in now. Everything has so far been going smoothly and you will soon be on your way to working and living in the area you've wanted to be in for a while. Suddenly, a week before you are set to move to your new location you are faced with an unexpected issue in which ruins your whole move. Due to this issue it is almost impossible for you to make the move during the time you were supposed to. Therefore, you have to stay in your current location for a couple more months before you can make this move. You have to call your new job and state your reasoning as to why you will not be able to start when you were supposed to, which then creates a big stress level for you. Also, you would then have to call your old job to see if they would re-hire you for the time being. If your past job does not take you back, you will then have to look for a new job, which then creates a WAY bigger stress level on you. 

Many people are faced with situations such as this one and it can completely ruin your plans. Negative thoughts will then run through your head and essentially will make you just want to give up.  However, as I've mentioned before you must try to find the positive in this. I know at the moment it may be very difficult to do so, but it will help you to overcome the bad of it. Make the best out of the situation and continue to work hard. You never know where things may lead you. Always maintain positive and never give up on what you want to accomplish. In the end it will only make you a stronger person in life.

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  1. Your blog was very good in regards to making a negative to a positive. I can personally relate to a similar issue. As you said it's very important to stay positive in moments like these because while we think that it a bad thing it could really be a great thing and the only real way to know, is to embrace the the new change. Take the good from it and keep fighting for that dream even more. I understood that after collage I knew it wasn't going to be easy and as a matter of a fact I figured out that it's just as hard or even harder then when I was in collage. But that's what's so fun about life is the challenges and the stories that come along with them. I believe that God has a great purpose in everything he does. Great Post!