Sunday, March 6, 2011

Know Your Worth

We all sometimes stray ourselves from really knowing our own true worth.  You may know that you are a great person at heart and you have good intentions, however another person might not see that.  Have you ever faced a moment where you felt like you weren't valued for the person you truly are?  Was there a time when you put your overall trust into someone and they completely messed that up?  We all go through it with any type of relationship we have with a person.  It is your responsibility to put yourself first and know your true worth.  You can not put yourself down when someone else has did the wrong.

This is truly a difficulty that occurs with various people. You must put things into a certain perspective when faced with a dilemma such as this.  Take time to yourself and really analyze the wrong of the other person.  Consider where your decision might lead you in the end.  Of course, you can not predict the future, but it is good to analyze a decision before making it.  Put your values and goals into play.  After you have done so, make sure that you will be content in the end with your decision.  If you decide to walk away from it know that you will feel hurt for a moment, but will later feel better.  If you feel that resolving things is all that needs to be done then do that, but make sure you put yourself/value first.  Do not settle for less because you as a person deserve the best that you can receive.  Loving yourself first is key to a happy and healthy relationship with anyone.  If you can not be happy with yourself and the decisions you have chosen to make then this may lead to disappointment in the future.

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