Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The word trust is a big word in itself and is difficult for most to have in others.  When we are young we are raised to believe that we can not trust everyone.  So from the beginning people in which we do not recognize must earn our personal trust.  However, through certain situations that we may go through we might loose trust for many people. Even though this may be true we must be careful in how we go about the concept of trust.

Here's an example. You are in a relationship and you have had many issues with past spouses in which you have been with. All of your past spouses might have cheated on you and this may have caused you not to trust anyone when it comes to relationships. So therefore, you begin to question your spouse about anything.  It might be over a social networking website or even when they go out with their friends.  All and all you show that you do not have any type of trust towards them.  This can stir up many issues into your relationship.  

Whenever you are in a relationship you have to put trust into it.  If there is no trust in your relationships then most likely each of them will fail.  Think of it this way would you want someone to continuously question you and never believe you when in reality you are telling the truth?  It is under-stable that a person must earn your trust before you can truly trust them.  However, always remember this you must learn to put some type of trust into people.  It is key to building any type of relationship with others.  Having your own boundaries in how you put trust into people is not a bad thing to do.  Just be a bit more open with others.

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