Friday, April 15, 2011

Love Yourself

Have you ever heard of the phrase "You must learn to love yourself, before you love another"? Well this is TRUE. There are a selective few of individuals whom tend to criticize themselves worse than what another person would. These people have various insecurities in themselves and tend to have a necessity of having another person in their life to make them feel happy. However, what they do not recognize is that if they need to always have a romantic relationship with someone then in all honesty they do not truthfully love themselves. How can you be happy with someone else if you can't even be happy by yourself? Here is my best advice that I can possibly give to those whom feel fit these descriptions. Take some time to yourself and recognize the things that make you the most happy without having someone by your side. Enjoy what life has to offer and experience things that you might have never encountered. Try to occupy your time with activities that make you the most happy and maintain a focus on it. Also, if it helps; write down the things that you feel are the best qualities you may have. Look them over each day so you can remind yourself that you will be okay and that you are a good person. Appreciate who you are as an individual and try to learn some more things about yourself. You will be surprised when you have some time alone how much you can find out about yourself. Once you feel that you are truly happy with yourself as a person and able to love yourself for who you are, then try to incorporate a romantic relationship with someone. It is very hard to care and love someone else when you might have insecurities or doubts about yourself as a person. How can someone else love you if you can't even love yourself? When you are happier with yourself, your relationships with people become ten times better. Take this to consideration in your life and you will be able to see much improvement in your romantic relationships and any other type of relationships you have with people.

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